Is it possible to take an interior photo at € 10?

Yes, but is it reasonable? Starting with this question, while we were confined, I recorded six video tutorials (sorry, only in Spanish), in which I first explain the only way to get an interior photo at € 10, which is to do it in a very short time (that is, counting that you cannot bill knowledge, nor investment, nor experience). Then I explain the HDR technique that allows an image with a little more quality that can be captured in the same time, then I show the use of a specific lens for architecture and finally, already raising the price a bit because more time is spent, the least that should be done in styling so that the photo is not a slop. With which I am already concluding that at 10€ a picture is a slop even if a decent technique is used.
Then, I talk about a truly professional photo shooting in videos four and five. I explain the need to go further and correctly illuminate the spaces to be photographed. I describe my two flash lighting techniques and how I process them in Photoshop: basic and premium.
Finally, in the last video, I give some points of views regarding these differences and the importance of the artist’s eye and marketing knowledge for a picture that sells. And I conclude showing the value and benefits of an investment in a professional photo.