Harmful pesticides! The beautiful and colourful fruits and vegetables that we find in the shops are full of pesticides and chemical fertilizers that are killing us silently.
In a way, we know it and we would like this won’t happen but for some reason, it doesn’t seem real and we think that it will not affect us. Like people who smoke, they know it’s bad, but since the poisoning is slow and quiet, it’s not threatening enough.
It seems that things are changing little by little, but it is not fair that taking care of your health and the environment is more expensive than buying poison and even if it is at a very small dose, we will end up paying the bill.
I celebrate the arrival of Veritas and other brands of organic supermarkets, and I wish with all my strength that the market laws end up turning them into the new Mercadona and that it will be more expensive to buy with pesticides than without. And yes, there will continue to be people who prefer very red tomatoes, even if they are not healthy, but at least that’ll become an expensive caprice, for the pocket and health.