A dreamy beach or a closed beach?

About to reopen businesses, a new marketing need arises. It is no longer just worth teaching what is beautiful, appetizing or what you eat well, you also have to convey that it is a safe place and where you are taking all the safety measures for consumers’ health. Even the same visuals that previously made you dream, today can have another meaning. White sand and turquoise water, with no one: a dream come true! But now it may seem like a closed beach. Businesses are in the position of analyzing all their image banks to see those that may have a double meaning and promote other types of visuals that convey real experience and enjoyment, nuances of privilege and at the same time do not leave room for misinterpretation when it comes to health security. Everyone talks about new opportunities because of the situation. How many will be able to overcome the fears of current economic losses and invest, which is the most important thing right now to get ahead? You have to convey that you can dream even if there is a new reality.