Venecia, a must place for a brand like nH collection.

The nH Collection Palazzo Dei Dogi hotel in Venice is a prime example example of the importance of historical heritage and original architectural elements in a hotel’s interior design. The Palazzo, which dates back to the beginning of the 17th century, belonged to a rich merchant family in love with botany, and is now a luxury hotel with the only garden of more than 2000m2 in the city, full of exotic plants and trees.
As a photographer, the challenge in capturing the essence of the nH Collection Palazzo Dei Dogi hotel was to balance the desire to showcase the building’s historical and architectural significance with the need to capture the unique character and ambiance of the hotel as a modern luxury property. It required meticulous framing and the use of multi-shot lighting to bring out the most significant elements while also capturing the overall atmosphere of the space.