“I don’t think I ever take a picture by pure instinct.”

“Sometimes, the images are composed in my head almost instantly when I look through the lens, sometimes, imagination comes first and I may draw in my scrapbook in a first step.

Anyhow my camera is my canvas and the light is my brush.
Then, I do guide my eyes in the viewfinder until I really get what I’ve foreseen, before I’d push the trigger.”

“When you’ll watch my pictures I want you to get there, where I have been and feel the same sensations as if you’d see it for real.
Perhaps almost feeling vertigo on a high skyscraper, feel the smoothness of the sheets of that bedroom, feel the urge to get into the relaxing bathtub or spa, almost smell the appealing dish, the need to hear what those people are saying, or, when I go further than reality I hope you’ll feel the artistic exhilaration and secret emotions that I felt.”


“Imagination has been the leading path throughout my life. The consistent thread of investigation in different visual areas. It has been the essence of the first part of my career in advertising as an Art Director and is now the nexus link behind my creative photography. When it comes to commercial photography my advertising background helps me to get closer to the marketing needs, understanding the brief beforehand.”

“I did start to paint at 12 and took my first pictures even earlier, I studied creative communication, involving graphic arts, including basic photography. While I was 20 years working as an Art Director, I was continuously investigating in painting, mixing techniques, most of the time including photography. I did also took advantage on advertising shootings to use the time shared with great photographers of all specialities to “spy” and learn from them all I still needed to know in photography’s technique and lighting.” 

“Lately I’m pushing forward my limits and I keep on investigating, keep an eye on my personal works.

So many images in my head are still to be shown!”

Thierry Delsart


– 2015 Lux shortlist in architecture

– Hasselblad Masters 2010 finalist
#11 at Spain’s One Eyeland’s ranking 2011

– Foodprint is publishing one of my images every year since 2011.
– Several times in Saber & Sabor magazine
– Most of my first food pictures were published in “Vanidades”
   south-American women magazine.
– Select+
– Selected Views
– El Automóvil magazine

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